ACGAS Siegfried Farnon star on difficulty filming with co-stars

All Creatures Great and Small: Sam West reflects on filming

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The All Creatures Great and Small actor appeared on Alan Titchmarsh’s show Love Your Weekend, where he opened up about his acting career and his future projects. However, when talk turned to the Channel 5 drama, which stars Nicholas Ralph and Rachel Shenton, Samuel said he “misses” them when they are not filming.

Alan began by chatting to Samuel about what it was like filming so closely with horses.

“We have an extraordinary horse master Mark Atkinson and his son Ben,” the actor explained as he discussed the help he received on set.

“If there is a horse whisperer in the world, then it is Ben.

“They worked with me until I was absolutely confident playing the part, and when I started, Siegfried returns from the first war preferring horses to most people.

“And when I started I thought that was a bit eccentric.

“And then I spent more time around horses and it began to seem completely reasonable.”

When questioned on his ability to ride a horse, Samuel explained: “I love it.

“I love a job that makes you get better at something. So I want to keep going on.”

Alan weighed in: “What comes across and what I think is, in my opinion, one of the greatest successes of the show is that it’s an ensemble piece.

“Particularly with the two of you, Tristan, Mrs Hall, James and Helen. It’s a quintet.

“But you play off each other so well, so please tell me it’s a pleasure to play.”

“It is such a great pleasure to play,” the Siegfried Farnon star admitted.

“We’re a very, very happy ensemble and we miss each other dreadfully when we’re not working,” he told the host before speaking about the challenges of filming.

“Because the first series came out in lockdown, and was a great success.

“We weren’t able to see each other for six months until we started again. So that was really hard.

“But no, it’s unusually happy, very loving, very together…a great deal of respect and everybody’s brilliant.”

“And also, the crew returns,” he said before fondly adding: “You know, I put out a picture every year of take one, slate one, scene one.

“And it’s been held by the same clapper loader, directed by the same person and photographed by the same DOP for three series.

“Yeah, so when people keep coming back you know you’re having a nice time.”

Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Weekend airs on Sunday at 9.30pm on ITV.

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