Adam Driver Gave Ben Affleck's Star Wars-Loving Son the Best Birthday Surprise from 'Kylo Ren'

Ben Affleck is singing Adam Driver’s praises after the Stars Wars actor went the extra mile to make sure Affleck’s 8-year-old son Samuel had the best birthday ever.

On Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Affleck revealed that Driver sent Samuel a handful of Star Wars toys for his birthday bash — in addition to a signed a card, picture, and video message from “Kylo Ren,” Driver’s character from the popular film franchise.

“It was an incredibly moving and powerful moment,” Affleck, 47, said, recalling watching his son open the gifts.

“Adam made me a hero to my kid. And I will never, ever, ever, forget it,” Affleck added. “It’s a really good lesson in doing those small gestures of kindness, because you have no idea. For [Adam], he’s like, ‘Yeah, send the Kylo Ren doll and the Kylo Ren LEGO and the picture of Kylo Ren signed by Kylo Ren.’ But it meant the f—ing world to [Samuel]. So much.”

Driver’s gifts were extra helpful, Affleck said, because he nearly showed up to the birthday bash completely empty-handed.

Affleck had flown into Los Angeles for the party from France, where he was filming his upcoming movie, The Last Duel, with Driver. And though he made it in time to celebrate Samuel’s birthday, the presents he had purchased were delayed in transit.

“I had to show up to my son’s party with no gift,” Affleck recalled. “It was this sort of sinking, awful feeling.”

Luckily, Driver had gone the extra mile, calling Affleck’s assistant for his address and sending some presents along for his son.

Prior to that, Affleck had already gotten Driver to film a video for his son.

“My son knows that I do movies — they’re kinda fake — that his mom’s [Jennifer Garner] in movies and that’s all pretend,” he said. “But he also knows that Star Wars is real. He knows there are guys out there fighting the emperor and that needs to get done. And I can do my fake s— and some people can do an important job. So I told him, ‘I’m actually in this movie with Kylo Ren’ and his mind opened in two. He was like, ‘But dad! How? How do you know Kylo? Are you going to space?’ Will he have his lightsaber?’ “

“So I told Adam that, and he’s a sweetheart. I said, ‘Can you tape a birthday video to my son?’ And he did and he was very kind,’ ” Affleck said.

Affleck shares Samuel with Garner. The couple, who split in 2015 and divorced in 2018, also share daughters Violent Anne, 15, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 11.

“My life right now is focused on, for sure, being a dad, and that’s the most important thing to me,” Affleck told Access earlier this month at the premiere of his new movie The Way Back. “I’m also having a really exciting time professionally [with] a run of movies that are really making me love acting again.”

The star also recently spoke to PEOPLE about his sobriety and parenthood, reflecting on lessons he has learned in recovery and how he talks to his children about getting through tough times.

“Kids are resilient,” he said. “They appreciate the truth. Kids, if you’re honest and open with them, can forgive failings and setbacks, and they want to love you and respect you. That’s my approach to fatherhood.”

“I’ve talked to my kids pretty honestly about tough times,” the Oscar-winning actor and director shared. “I try to be honest with them and say the most important thing is to be open and honest about how you’re feeling and when you’re not feeling good, to say this is difficult for me and to reach out to their parent and teachers.”

He went on to say that he makes it a point to be present and to love his son and daughters.

“It’s trial and error,” Affleck said. “You have to be able to forgive yourself as parents and say I’m not always going to do this perfectly. I’m going to do my best. I’m going to try my hardest. Sometimes I’m going to say and do the wrong thing but, like I said, kids are okay with that. If you’re honest and love them.”

The Way Back opens in theaters Friday. Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weekdays (11:30 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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