After Life season 2 ending: What does Groundhog day mean in After Life?

After Life season two premiered on Netflix last week (Friday, April 24) and fans of Ricky Gervais dark comedy have been binge-watching the show ever since. Throughout the series Emma (played by Ashley Jensen) and Tony (Ricky Gervais) refer to Groundhog Day but what is it? has everything you need to know.

What does Groundhog Day mean in After Life?

At the beginning of After Life season two, viewers learn that Emma and Tony spent some time together, but any sense of a romantic relationship came to an abrupt halt.

Tony, who is still mourning the loss of his wife, was not ready to move on from his previous relationship and Emma did not want to live in the shadow of his former wife.

However, Tony did admit he had feelings for Lisa but wanted their relationship to continue as it was, for a while, like ‘Groundhog Day.’

He said: “I like this though, I love this. Whatever this is. Just being with you all the time. The same forever, like Groundhog Day.”

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Groundhog Day is open to interpretation but the term became popularised in the 1993 comedy film of the same name, starring Bill Murray.

In the film, he plays Pittsburgh weatherman Phil Connors who is set to cover the yearly groundhog tradition in the small town of Punxsutawney, where he finds himself doomed to repeat the same day over and over again.

In the film, Phil indulges in bad behaviour, binge drinking, binge-eating, one night stands and reckless driving.

When the loop does not end, he makes numerous attempts on his life but fails.

Throughout the entire loop, he is trying to win over Rita (Andie MacDowell), his colleague.

Phil decides to change his life and tries to better himself as a person and help others.

For example, he learns how to play the piano, sculpt ice, and speak French, but is unable to save a homeless man, who dies regardless of his actions.

During one loop, he enthusiastically reports the Groundhog Day festivities, amazing Rita and they spend the day and night together.

The following day he wakes up and Rita is beside him, breaking the time loop.

Tony in After Life season two tried to make a conscious effort to be a better person, despite still grieving the loss of his wife.

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He told Emma he wanted things to be “like Groundhog Day”, meaning back to the way things were between them and for nothing to change.

Tony also told Emma he was not ready for a relationship and explained to her wanted to take things slowly between them.

Emma, was unprepared to wait for Tony at first but had a sudden change of heart in the finale of After Life and just at the right time.

In an incredibly emotional and intense final scene, Tony was seconds from taking his own life.

He watched a video of his wife Lisa had made for him before she died, in which she says good night to him.

Tony was left heartbroken and distraught watching the clip and after saying good night to his wife, he was seconds away from taking an overdose.

Thankfully, Emma changed her mind and turned up at Tony’s door at the right time, completely unaware that she had just prevented Tony from attempting suicide.


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She said, “I’ll take groundhog day” confessing she wanted to give the relationship a go at his pace.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts and feelings about the ending of season two of After Life and Groundhog Day.

One fan wrote: “Ricky Gervais deserves all of the awards. I laughed and cried through all 12 episodes “I’ll take Groundhog Day” had me bawling #AfterLife.”

Another fan wrote: “I’ve never seen any movie or a series that pulls me in as much as #AfterLife. Feels like I wrote the script and someone altered it because I can’t seem to believe that one will take groundhog day. You’re brilliant

A third viewer said: “I really want #AfterLife season 3. And it’s totally ok if it will be only about you and Emma doing nothing as in Groundhog Day.

After Life is streaming on Netflix now

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