Andrew Cuomo Says He 'Doesn't Want Your Opinion, Just the Facts' on COVID-19

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made his latest late-night appearance on The Tonight Show this week, speaking with Jimmy Fallon about the state’s latest coronavirus updates. Despite Fallon’s immense praise for Cuomo’s leadership during the pandemic, the governor stated that he wasn’t letting it get to his head during this time.

“I’m doing what I normally do, Jimmy — it’s the times that have changed,” he said. “It’s the circumstances that have changed.”

He emphasized that what he and the rest of the state’s government mainly accomplished is creating many policies that had never existed before, like the shelter-in-place mandate, widespread closures of schools and businesses, and so on.

“If people said, ‘Go to heck,’ we would’ve had a problem,” Cuomo stated. “What I tried to do — and especially for New Yorkers — is explain the situation, give them the facts, and lay out the reality of the situation, so that they understood it and they could come to their own decision. … Everybody now gives opinions. ‘Let me give you my opinion.’ I don’t want your opinion, just give me the facts!”

Cuomo praised New Yorkers for sticking to social-distancing and urged them to continue wearing masks and staying inside as much as possible even as the weather gets nicer.

“Ninety-eight percent of the people are wearing masks,” Cuomo said. “It’s that last two percent who we’re trying to deal with. And I don’t get it! I just do not get it. You have to be selfish not to wear a mask now, and you have to be disrespectful of other people. Otherwise, wear the mask!”

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