Anne Robinson snubbed Weakest Link players but still remembers them 15 years on

Anne Robinson has revealed that her visual memory is so good that she can tell former contestants who appeared on The Weakest Link which number podium they were stood at over 15 years ago.

The 76-year-old television presenter and journalist hosted the BBC gameshow from 2000 until 2012 where her use of insults, caustic remarks and personal questions fiercely directed at players became famous.

Despite the show ending over nine years ago, Anne says that fans still come up to her in the street to chat to her about iconic blunt catchphrase "You are the weakest link, goodbye."

Speaking to Daily Star and other press, she explained: "They're all customers. You are never, ever rude to a customer.

"I say 'oh I'm so glad you watched'."

Anne went on to share that she can sometimes tell former contestants which podium number they stood at during their time on the show.

She said: "Some come up to me and say 'I was on Weakest Link in 2006', and very often, because our visual memory is much better than anything else, I can sometimes say 'yeah, you were on podium five'."

After hosting 1,693 shows of the programme in the UK, and two series over in America, Anne decided to step down as host of the popular primetime quiz show.

When if she'd ever return to front The Weakest Link, Anne replied: "No, it's like selling a house. You can't go back and do the garden.

"It was fantastic and such a ball. It was completely different because I realised I couldn't do cheesy gameshow host and that feisty contestants needed to be dealt with in a completely different way.

"One of the rules I had, quite unconsciously, on The Weakest Link was that I never met the contestants before. Even on the celebrity shows I'd come on the podium and the lights would be ready to go.

"One of the several reasons why I wouldn't do Weakest Link again is that we're into woke era now and it would be endless sort of confusion about it.

Anne has replaced Nick Hewer as host of Countdown and now appears on the Channel 4 show alongside fan favourite Rachel Riley and beloved wordsmith Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner.

Opening up about the all women line-up, Anne said: "When Channel 4 said to me you'll be the first woman I groaned because I'm rather hoping we've passed the stage of being completely astonished that a woman can do the same job as a man. Maybe we haven't.

"I keep saying this. You may as-well say I'm the first presenter of Countdown who's got O-negative blood."

Countdown airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 2.10pm

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