Apprentice winner's business set up with Lord Alan Sugar goes bust and owes almost £2 million

APPRENTICE winner Joseph Valente's business has gone under and he now owes nearly £2 million.

According to The Mirror, The businessman, who won the 2015 edition of the show, set his company up with help from business magnate Lord Alan Sugar but now finds himself in a difficult situation.

Valente ran a plumbing outfit called ImpraGas and one creditor claimed it commissioned work and believes Joseph knew his business was struggling.

Nathan Oselton, of One Word Graphics, is owed £2500 and had his say on the matter.

“I feel pretty angry and mad about the way the company has behaved, it has always been a bit of a struggle getting paid."

He added: “My accountant has looked at the paperwork from the liquidators and it does not look like he was making money for quite a while.”

Valente owes another less than impressed boss tens of thousands of pounds and he commented: "I don’t think you could print what I actually want to say about him."

The 30-year-old started the business after he won the competition and received £250,000 investment backing from Lord Sugar himself.

At the time he confidently said: “I’m the definition of success I’m the godfather of business and I’m here to make Lord Sugar a lot of money.”

Valente took full control of the company in 2017 but just before the lockdown began in March, the firm went into creditors’ voluntary liquidation, with Valente going as far as to blame Brexit and last year’s warm winter.

Last The Sun Online reported that the BBC will not air a series of The Apprentice this year due to the coronavirus crisis.

It will be the first time fans miss out on the annual show since it started in 2005.

After crunch talks at the end of last week, producers have decided it would be too difficult to shoot overseas challenges and maintain even relaxed social distancing.

Instead, they have opted to screen highlights from previous years.

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