Bachelor’s Michelle Money says daughter is ‘moving and trying to open eyes’ after skateboard accident left her in coma – The Sun

MICHELLE Money has revealed her daughter Brielle is "trying to open her eyes" and things are "moving fast" as they continue to hold vigil at her hospital bed.

Brielle, 15, has been placed in a coma after a devastating skateboarding accident but taking to Instagram on Thursday, former Bachelor star Michelle revealed the good news.

An emotional Michelle said: "Brielle is waking up, you guys."

"We got her off a lot of the sedatives and she's having her bolt removed today, she's making movements. I played her favorite song in her ear and she tried to open her eyes.

"It was so incredible."

Michelle also revealed "things are moving faster than we thought", adding: "I am just so relieved."

Later she reposted a video from Brielle's dad, Ryan, who revealed Thursday has seen "SO MUCH PROGRESS."

"I do not say this flippantly, your prayers are being heard and felt," he shared, revealing that she was off almost all of her IV medications and that she would be switched to morphine as she goes through a three-week weaning process.

He revealed: "Brielle started moving and will raise her eyebrows when 'yelled' at or pinched."

"The medical staff is asking her to squeeze their fingers or move her toes and she will do it most of the time.

"Her left side is definitely more responsive than her right side.

"She moves her left hand a lot (video) and is getting some expressions in her face."

The promising update comes after Michelle begged fans for their "prayers" as Brielle lay in a medically-induced coma.

The reality star later sobbed as she thanked the neighbors who saw Brielle's accident and called 911.

Michelle shared: "I just realized that exactly one week ago my neighbor was on the phone with 911.

"The call was made, and it truly saved her life."

Yesterday the mom shared imaging of the fractures on her daughter's skull and admitted she blames herself for the injury because she allowed Brielle to skateboard without a helmet.

She said: "I told her to put the helmet on and she talked me out of it.

"Somewhere along the line I stopped making being her mother top priority and being her friend more important."

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