Barbara Weber Commented on Julie LaPlaca’s Instagram, Proving Her Unwavering Support for Everyone Who Isn't Madison Prewett

Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor was a doozy. Fans thought the drama between the women competing for Weber’s heart was crazy, but it wasn’t until Bachelor Nation met Weber’s mom, Barbara, that things really started to get out of hand. 

The Bachelor may have concluded, but Barb is still showing her support for everyone that isn’t Madison Prewett. Shortly after former contestant Kelley Flanagan confronted Prewett, Barb invited her to lunch.

Now, Barbara “Bring Her Home To Us” Weber is publicizing her love for Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. 

Peter Weber’s finale of ‘The Bachelor’ 

Many fans of The Bachelor thought Weber was going to end up with LaPlaca. Throughout Pilot Pete’s season of the show, it was teased that the finale was going to involve something that had never happened before. What’s more, host Chris Harrison was proud to share that Weber’s season was impossible to spoil. 

Leading up to the finale, that certainly seemed to be the case. That’s probably because Weber’s decision wasn’t finalized until the “After the Final Rose” special, where he decided to pursue a relationship with Prewett for a few short days. 

Before that, Bachelor Nation started piecing together evidence that Weber was dating LaPlaca, thanks to some conspicuous Instagram posts. Dedicated fans found photos of her having dinner with the Webers over the holiday season. They also found photographic evidence of Weber and LaPlaca in Times Square for New Year’s Eve — one of the most romantic holidays, second only to Valentine’s Day. 

Julie LaPlaca debunks the producer theory

After Weber’s dramatic finale aired, LaPlaca took to Instagram to clear up the rumors that she and Weber were dating. While they did spend New Year’s Eve together in Times Square, LaPlaca clarified that they were just friends and their relationship was strictly business. 

According to LaPlaca’s caption, the two did not share a midnight kiss, but LaPlaca said whoever does end up as “his copilot for life is one lucky lady, because this guy has a heart of gold.” 

Barbara Weber loves Julie LaPlaca 

It’s no secret that Barbara Weber is overly involved in her son’s personal life. Throughout the finale, Barbara made it known that she was Team Hannah Ann and thoroughly disgusted with the ultimatum Prewett dared to throw at her son. 

After LaPlaca clarified her realtionship with Weber on Instagra, Barbara commented “”Love you Julie!! Always have. Always will.” 

LaPlaca replied, “Love you more,” followed by a kissing face emoji. The two seem to have maintained a strong bond, considering the amount of time they’ve spent together behind the scenes filming Weber’s season.

All’s well that ends well in Bachelor Nation. Shortly after the finale of The Bachelor, Weber and Prewett announced that they were no longer going to pursue a relationship. Fans can imagine Barb’s delight to learn that her son was going to be single once again. 

What the future holds for Weber is still an unknown, but one this is for sure — Barb won’t be afraid to make her true feelings known whenever he starts dating again.

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