Being sick and moving like a penguin- The Sex clinic cast talk losing virginity

The Sex Clinic returns tonight for another sizzling episode, and tonight the patients discuss their first ever sexual encounters.

Daily Star Online have an exclusive clip ahead of tonight's show, with some jaw-dropping revelations as the star's describe what happened when they lost their virginity.

One Sex Clinic star knows the exact date he did the deed for the first time, saying proudly: "I lost my virginity on 28th oct 2015. I took that 7 inch like a champ."

While another client revealed his experience wasn't the most comfortable, recalling: "It was good, but it was painful."

In a sickening admission, one patient says: "All I could think was I don't want to throw up on her."

With another patient adding her hilarious first time, as she explains: "The guy was like a penguin and I was kinda just laying there like a fish.

House party's seem to be popular choice of first time sex, as a Sex Clinic client laughs: "I just remember being dragged into a house party toilet. At that age anyone touches anywhere near your penis it's going to go off."

Last week the Sex Clinic stars revealed their strangest sex requests.

From sucking feet to vacuuming nipples and even using faeces, the clients were left aghast by the racy revelations.

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One person revealed: "I remember the first time I slept with a guy he was like 'finger this boy's p***y'"

Another Sex Clinic star said their oddest experience was when "a girl wanted to put a finger up my bum".

The Sex Clinic airs tonight at 10pm on E4

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