Black Widow Officially Postponed Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Sorry, Natasha Romanoff fans. It looks like you’ll be left waiting a few more months to dig into Black Widow’s first solo film.

Unfortunately, Marvel Studios and Disney have pulled the film from its upcoming rotation in response to the multiple theater closures across the country in states like New York, Ohio, and New Jersey. Additional studios have postponed other films as well, including the latest James Bond film No Time to Die as well as Fast & Furious’s newest installment F9.

Previously, the Widow-led movie had been slated for a May 1 release as the beginning of Marvel’s Phase 4. St to mark the first film post-Endgame, it’s a spy-centric thriller that follows the heroine as it explores her time as an assassin before she joined the Avengers. With that said, it features more action than we’ve ever seen from the character in the previous Marvel films out in the wild.

The most recent trailer made the film seem even more enticing than before. It followed Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) as she spent time in the Red Room, undergoing intensive training as part of a top-secret Soviet initiative that formed part of her “family.” The film’s primary antagonist is Taskmaster, who Nat and sister Yelena (Florence Pugh) blame for corrupting an entire group of additional girls meant to be forced into becoming assassins.

When will you be able to see Black Widow in theaters instead? While many had hoped for a surprise Disney+ release, it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards. Right now, there’s apparently no new release date planned, so there isn’t a way to predict when you’ll be able to head out to the theater to see it. Hopefully there isn’t too long of a wait, as fans are no doubt more than ready by now to see Nat in action.

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