Bridgerton Secret Cinema is essential for Netflix fans – but can you discover its secrets?

Secret Cinema reveal Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet theme

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The Secret Cinema has had it hard over the past two years. Considering their themes rely on hordes of people gathering in secret, they couldn’t in good conscious continue their events – but their first one out of lockdown, Bridgerton, is perhaps one of their most exciting yet.

Tucked away in the depths of Wembley, the Bridgerton Secret Cinema invites fans to a ball in attendance with The Queen (no, not the real one) as well as Netflix’s “cast” of Bridgerton themselves (very convincing lookalikes who are good enough to pass for the real thing).

The set design is perhaps the most striking part of the event. A full stage and throne have been built to accommodate the enormous weight of the Bridgerton franchise.

Using a ticket provided by the Secret Cinema company, I traversed secret rooms hidden within secret rooms and gazed upon wondrous light displays accompanying speakers blasting out a real string quartet playing some of the show’s hits. And I definitely bought a little too much at the gift shop, which sells exclusive swag that you likely can’t find anywhere else. And while it is an actual ball – complete with drinks, dance routines, food, and heaps of gossip – the real joy lies within the hidden details within the Secret Cinema.

Whatever takes your fancy – whether it’s raunchy life drawing, back alley gambling or choir practice – there’s a lot more than meets the eye at the Bridgerton Secret Cinema.

I won’t go into specifics here (it’s far more fun stumbling upon the unexpectedness of it all yourself) but I can confirm there is a veil of shadows looming over the ball. A secret society clutches at the events of the affair behind closed doors – but it can only be explored if you speak to the right people, and if you have the right currency…

Even more thrilling is, if you aren’t looking in the right places, or saying the right things to certain people, you just might miss out. Get your detective caps on, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t figure it all out before curtain call.

 None of this secrecy could be pulled off without the exceptional live-action role play from the actors. One minute you’re chatting with Simon Bassett about his recent gunfight gone wrong, the next you’re gossiping at the bar with the Queen’s aid.

It’s truly an exciting event that, simply put, does its job of making you really feel like you are living in the Ton alongside these characters. Penelope Featherstone is ditzy and adorable, Daphne Bridgerton is timid and quiet. This is an exclusive ceremony that should not be missed by any Bridgerton fans – tickets are out now.

While, of course, it would be difficult to show an entire season of Bridgerton on a big screen, Secret Cinema displays some of the more iconic scenes and characters in live-action, with their lookalike actors and a heavy reliance on fan memory.

That isn’t to say these are not excellent by any means – quite the opposite – they really draw the audience themselves into the scenes, creating a visceral feeling of actually being there, at the argument, at the gunfight, etc.

Tickets for the Bridgerton Secret Cinema are out now, get them while you can.

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