Britney Spears says she wishes for ‘love, happiness and a world supply of designer clothes’ in quirky Instagram Q&A – The Sun

BRITNEY Spears said she wished "love, happiness and a world supply of designer clothes" in a new Instagram Q&A.

The pop star answered a number of fan asked questions in the quirky video, which was shot from a high angle.

Britney explained that many fans have left questions in the comments sections of her posts, so she "listened" and decided to answer a few of the most common ones.

The first question she answered was what her favorite song is.

She revealed that her 2003 hit Toxic holds a special place in her heart, though added: "I have no idea what my favorite song in the whole world is."

The singer, 38, next revealed that her favorite places to visit are Hawaii and Turks and Caicos.

She said: "Turks and Caicos is a little bit more jungle-y and more tropical. There's not that many people there. It's a small island and it basically has the cleanest food, the most beautiful ocean. The spot is amazing and it's my favorite place to visit."

As for her favorite food, the singer said that she loves a good chili hot dog.

For the final question, the Womanizer singer was asked to share three wishes she would make.

She answered: "For love, happiness and a world supply of designer clothes."

The upbeat videos follows news that Britney's conservatorship was recently extended after 12 years, which was implemented in 2008 after the singer's series of public mental breakdowns.

The conservatorship, which has been extended to August 22, prevents Britney from controlling her life or having any access to her million-dollar fortune, which are currently under the control of her father Jamie Spears.

Following the extension, a number of fans took to social media to call out the double standards that men in Hollywood don't have to pay for their mistakes the same way women do.

Britney's cousin and former personal assistant, Alli Sims, recently said that the singer was "caged then and caged now" as the ongoing conservatorship battle continues.

On Tuesday, an Instagram fan account for the …Baby One More Time singer shared throwbacks from a 2007 photo shoot that promoted her fragrance Believe.

Britney was surrounded by symbolic bird cages with a serious facial expression in the throwback shots.

Alli gave behind the scenes context about the photo, writing: “She came up with the concept to let everyone know she was caged then as well as now and had no freedom!

“Her only freedom was to believe in herself."

The singer shares two children with her ex-husband Kevin Federline- Sean, 14, and Jayden, 13.

Britney and Kevin were married from 2004-2007, while she was also married to Jason Allen Alexander in 2004.

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