Caprice gets told off for telling everyone that H is ‘well hung’ live on air – The Sun

NAUGHTY Caprice got told off last week for announcing Ian H Watkins is "well hung" live on air.

The model got a slap on the wrists from producers for revealing to BBC Wales listeners that the Steps star is VERY well endowed.

Caprice stumbled onto the subject of H's huge package when she joined her fellow Dancing On Ice star for a chat on his radio show.

The American beauty recalled how they first met when training for the ITV skating series late last year.

The two became best pals, and Caprice told H's listeners last week: "I want to tell you an embarrassing story. With H, what you see is what you get (and then even more) and then when you become friends with him it just gets better and better.

"We just met each other and we were going into the (Dancing on Ice) dressing room to get our costumes fitted and then all of a sudden H comes out in his underwear.

"Now, I just met him ok. And I looked and of course I LOOKED’."

H then interrupted her on air and replied: "What do you mean, where did you look? Where you should look?"

Caprice added: "I looked at your private parts! And I said 'H, why are you wearing a cup, we are going to do a fitting…'

And he said, 'Cap. I am not wearing one'.

"And I thought erm holy smokes. That is for real. It is gigantalous!"

Seeing her friend's horrified face, Caprice added: "Oh my god, is that against the rules?"

And H said: "Well it is real life, so I can’t do anything about it."

Caprice is known for having no filter and last week she recalled living with "stinky" John McCririck and Jackie Stallone in the Big Brother house.

The series three star said she was forced to dress Sylvester Stallone's mum – a memory she says she'll never be able to forget.

Caprice remembers John would get up at the crack of dawn to use the toilet back in 2005.

She told The Sun Online ahead of Big Brother's Best Shows Ever: "The room was very smelly all of the time and I remember all of us waking up in the morning and John had these speedo type of pants on.

"And he would wake up to go to the loo extra early."

The star adds: "It's disgusting because you can't escape it … But one thing about John he made such good TV."

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