Coronation Street fans spot that Carla predicted Yasmeen would turn killer before she stabbed evil Geoff – The Sun

CORONATION Street fans spotted a chilling premonition that Yasmeen Nazir would turn into a "killer" in a throwaway comment Carla Connor made in the Rovers before she did just that.

The put-upon wife, who has suffered months of abuse at the hands of her monstrous husband, did indeed have murder in mind when she plunged a broken bottle into Geoff's throat at the end of the episode.

But minutes earlier, she had been dragged out to the pub in a red dress that charmless Geoff had originally bought for a prostitute.

Carla, who was at the bar with Peter Barlow, remarked: "Killer dress, Yasmeen."

As viewers saw, she did indeed attempt to kill while wearing the dress, snapping after Geoff came at her with a knife back home at No.6 after confessing to his romps with escorts.

The remark didn't escape Corrie viewers, who pointed out the creepy 'prediction' on Twitter.

In shocking scenes on Coronation Street tonight, Geoff grabbed a knife and told Yasmeen: "Maybe I should kill you – do the world a favour. Would anyone really notice if you were gone?"At that, she picked up a wine bottle and smashed abusive Geoff around the head before blunging the broken glass into his neck.

Geoff foul rant at Yasmeen that sickened viewers

"Those escorts could show you a thing or two. That's right, escorts – plural. They're all about the buzz and the banter.

"Don't stand there feeling sorry for yourself you bony old bore. You drove me to it. Look at you, cowering, trying to make me feel bad. Well I don't feel bad, I feel angry.

"Where's your dignity woman?  You make my skin crawl – why can't you grow a spine?

"There you go again, flinching like I'm some kind of monster.

"If only you could look at yourself – dead behind the eyes and from the waist down. And here's me thinking of all the long years ahead.

"Till death do us part? God spare me. Maybe I should kill you – do the world a favour. Would anyone really notice if you were gone?"

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