Coronation Street hit with Ofcom complaints after police fail to investigate Asha's 'sex tape' leak

CORONATION Street has been hit with Ofcom complaints after Weatherfield police failed to investigate Asha Alahan's 'sex tape' leak on Friday's episode.

The schoolgirl is at the centre of a revenge-porn plot after a video of her stripping for boyfriend Corey was leaked online.

Corrie fans were left horried when teenager Asha was manipulated into taking her top off for her boyfriend Corey on video chat earlier this month.

And after making him promise not to tell anyone, the teen did as her boyfriend asked but disaster struck when the video was leaked at Amy’s party.

When Corey knocked over a lamp and an argument broke out, Kelly took the opportunity to send the video to the party group chat, which quickly spread all over the internet and ended up on a porn website.

And things continue to go from bad to worse for the teen after her father Dev found out and reported the incident to Weatherfield police and to her school.

However, the police told the heartbroken shopkeeper they couldn't do anything to help the teen nor remove the indecent video from the internet as she willingly stripped.

The exchange not only upset Dev, but also left viewers horrified at home, who registered their concerns with the broadcasting regulator about the police deciding not to continue the investigation.

Ofcom revealed the complaints will be taken on board before the watchdog decides whether to look into any action.

A spokesperson told The Sun: "We're assessing these complaints before deciding whether to investigate."

It's been a difficult week for the Alahan family apart from Asda after her brother Aadi got into a fight with a random schoolboy, who called his sister a "s**g".

Aadi was angered after seeing some boys laughing at his sister Asha over the sex tape that had been shared around and pushed one of them to the floor before the fight was broken up.

As he was pulled apart from the boy, Aadi raged: “He is right though, she is a s**g!”

Viewers were shocked at the language used, despite ITV giving a warning before the episode started at 7.30pm.

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