Coronation Street wedding as unlikely couple decide to tie the knot?

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Upcoming Coronation Street episodes will see ex couple Grace (played by Kate Spencer) and Michael (Ryan Russell) considering giving things another go. Fans of the ITV soap know that the Weatherfield pair are currently living together but are no longer in a relationship, but next week, soap favourite Kirk Sutherland (Andrew Whyment) spots a spark between the pair and discusses it with Michael, will the latter decide to propose?

In upcoming episodes, a nervous Michael sets off for his interview, and Danny Tomlinson (Dylan Brady) suggests to Grace that she and Michael should join him and James Bailey (Nathan Graham) at the Bistro later.

Over dinner in the Bistro, James reveals that he’s been approached by a leading gay magazine wanting an interview, and Michael, Grace and Danny are delighted for him.

Later in the café, Michael enthuses about the day nursery they’ve chosen for Glory.

Kirk clocks Grace’s obvious devotion and is convinced the two are once again head over heels for each other.

In the factory, Kirk tells Michael it’s clear Grace is in love with him.

The pair seem to have been getting on well ever since they made the decision to co-parent Gloria.

Back in November, Michael was shocked to discover Grace was pregnant following their turbulent relationship.

He approached her in the street, asking: “Is it true?” Grace responded: “Why do you think I’m here?”

“How would I know? You’re full of lies,” her ex snapped back.

“I just had my 12-week scan, you can check it if you like,” Grace offered.

Michael was suspicious after Grace had already lied before when she told him he was the father of Tiana – but it turns out Tiana wasn’t even Grace’s- the latter was the child’s nanny.

She tearfully apologised to him, but he yelled: “Sorry doesn’t begin to cut it.

“You used someone else’s child to trap me – you let me build a relationship with her for almost a year.

“You ruined my life. Damn you Grace, I was almost starting to get over this.”

Luckily, since then the two have managed to become closer, with Michael starting to trust Grace again.

Lately they have appeared more like a couple, raising their baby together at their home.

With Grace clearly in love with Michael, and Kirk spotting the way in which she hangs on his every word, could Michael also be harbouring feelings for Grace?

Now the two have managed to put their differences behind them, it’s likely that they are falling for each other.

But after years on being on and off as a couple, could Michael decide to simply jump in and ask Grace to marry him?

Back in September, Michael did propose to Grace, but she broke his heart by saying: “I can’t marry you.”

It was soon after this when all of Grace’s lies came spilling out, and the relationship turned sour.

But with Grace seeming like she has matured and has genuine feelings for Michael, perhaps the couple will work now.

With Kirk’s encouragement about Grace’s strong feelings, will he ask her to marry him again?

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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