Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd shares rare clip of daughter Nyla, 10, as she works out to Joe Wicks – The Sun

JACK P Shepherd has shared a rare clip of his daughter Nyla doing a Joe Wicks PE workout.

The 32-year-old – who plays David Platt on Coronation Street – filmed his 10-year-old doing lunges in the living room on Wednesday.

He joked in the caption, "You're not John Wick?" referring to the Keanu Reeves action hero.

Jack shares Nyla and his son Reuben with his ex-fiancee Lauren Shippey, who he split from in 2017 after 15 years of dating.

The actor also gave fans a glimpse into how he's keeping Nyla and Reuben entertained during coronavirus lockdown.

He shared a clip of his kids waiting with their eyes closed as an intricate Lego puzzle of the Taj Majal was set down in front of them.

Nyla gasped, "Wow! while Reuben asked, "Can we play with it?"

Jack replied mock-sternly: "No, because it's 6,000 pieces. It's not a toy, it's not a toy. It's not for you! Hands off!"

Jack began dating current girlfriend Hanni Treweek several months after splitting with Lauren.

Last week, he joked that he and Hanni "almost split up" over the stress of filming their Love Actually spoof video.

He enlisted girlfriend Hanni in helping him film the short viral and behind the scenes it was less polished.

Speaking on his podcast the Sofa Cinema Club, Jack said: "I put the Love Actually Hugh Grant dance out on all the socials, it was very funny.

"I nearly split up with my girlfriend in the process though. It's hard. As she's got to be in it, she's the secretary at the end that catches me doing the dancing.

"And, yeah, I was being a director and losing my temper a bit about cues and timing. I proper did. I was there doing it and going, 'No, you come in on this bit,' and I'm doing the crab dance [laughs]. It was funny."

The actor put on a suit and grooved around his house to Jump (For My Love) by The Pointer Sisters – just like Hugh Grant's charismatic leader, helpfully also called David.

Just like in the original, he started out with some light bum-shaking with his back to the camera, before letting loose all over No.10 – or in this case, Jack's Manchester home.

Performing the same moves made famous in the Richard Curtis classic, he even ended up being interrupted by his assistant, played by Hanni.

Posting the video, Jack referred to his podcast, writing: "Wanted to recreate this Hugh Grant dance from love actually, a film we covered on the @sofacinemaclub.

Last month, Jack gave Corrie viewers a look inside the Manchester home he shares with Hanni – which actually does have a prime-ministerial vibe.

The actor previously lived with co-star Colson Smith and their musician mate Freddie Bolt in a £300,000 flat in Manchester.


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