Coronavirus survivor, 28, 'couldn't breathe unaided' after getting virus

A 28-year-old who was struck down with coronavirus revealed he went from marathon training to being unable to breathe unaided, and claims he’s been left with liver damage.

Mark Stubbs was left struck down with Covid-19 and was hospitalised with the illness, which has spread across the world at a rapid rate.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the businessman gave a graphic account of his experience with the virus and said: ‘I think the misconception is that people are thinking that the young can’t get it, but yeah, indeed it is a bad virus and a lot of young people can get it and will get it.’

Warning people it’s not quite the ‘flu-like’ experience that has been explained before, Mark continued: ‘I think you feel instantly it’s not flu, and that’s due to the fever that goes upwards of 40 degrees, or slightly higher.’

‘The aches and pains, it’s not an exaggeration to feel like you’ve been in a car crash, you can’t really move at all left or right,’ Mark, who is used to taking part in Iron Man contests, added.

‘Just how quickly it takes hold,’ he told the Lorraine and Piers. ‘A couple of days before I was running, mobile, absolutely fine and within three days I was unable to breathe unaided.’

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Mark was coughing up blood at the extreme point of handling the virus, and ended up in intensive care for 13 days as his body fought the illness off.

‘It’s really serious,’ the fitness addict added. ‘I don’t think people realise you can be completely healthy and you’ll react to it one way, and might be someone who doesn’t get symptoms, but you could also end up reacting really badly and therefore taking up a bed.’

Adding he’s now on the mend, Mark said he believes his liver, and potentially kidneys, have suffered damage and it could take months for him to fully recover.

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