Corrie’s evil Clayton makes David suffer after heartbreaking Shona revelation

Coronation Street murderer Clayton Hibbs is delighted when he discovers a way to torture stepfather David Platt as wife Shona delivers a heartbreaking blow.

Earlier this year, Shona (Julia Goulding) woke up from the coma she fell into after being shot during the horrific New Year gun seige.

Heartbreakingly, however she suffered brain damage as a result and cannot remember her own husband or the rest of the Platts.

However, Shona does recognise the son she stabbed last year after Clayton threatened to kill her – but she does not recall all the vile things he has done, including murder David's first wife.

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  • Coronation Street 'predicted' coronavirus in 'completely coincidental' washing hands remark

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In a dark bid for revenge, Clayton has been messing with his mum and twisting her perception of David so much so that she no longer wants to see her husband.

Next week on the ITV soap, David visits Clayton in prison and pleads with him to leave Shona alone

Unsurprisingly, however, Clayton delights in David's misery and tells him that that isn't going to happen.

David later tells his family about how Clayton has been dripping poison into Shona's ear and, as a result, Nick decides to go and visit her.

But Shona refuses to see him and her key worker asks him to deliver some earth-shattering news to David.

He is left utterly devastated by the news but puts on a brave face as he tells Maria that Shona has done him a favour by asking him for a divorce so he can move on.

David bumps into Alina, who is also feeling heartbroken over Seb, in Victoria Gardens and offers her a beer.

As the pair get chatting it becomes clear that there is a spark between them and David ends up texting Nick to say that Alina needs the rest of the day off as she isn't feeling well.

However things get awkward in The Rovers later when David and Seb end up rowing over Alina.

After David accuses Seb of being jealous, Seb sees red and punches him.

Away from the chaos, Nick urges David not to give up on his marriage, leading him to break down in tears.

Is it all over for David and Shona?

*Coronation Street airs Monday 23rd March and Wednesday 25th March at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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