Death in Paradises Josephine Jobert details why BBC bosses made costume too big for her

Death in Paradise: Joséphine Jobert on ‘huge responsibility’

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Death in Paradise fans were left devastated following the finale of series 11 as not only did Florence Cassell (played by Josephine Jobert) decide to leave Saint Marie, but she also rejected Neville Parker’s (Ralf Little) romantic advances. The detective reprised her role when Neville joined the police force in series nine, but after almost getting shot in an undercover operation, she decided she needed a fresh start once again.

Florence originally left the BBC drama in season eight following the tragic death of her fiancé.

Despite fans feeling disappointed by her exit again in series 11, BBC bosses haven’t killed her off, so she could return to the island one day.

Josephine joined the cast as Florence in season four but as a uniformed police officer.

At the time, she worked beside fellow officer Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules), lead detective Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and Camille Bordey (Sara Martins).

However, Camille soon left Saint Marie to take her dream job in Paris as an undercover officer.

Rather than replacing the detective, Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) decided to promote Florence to detective.

In a new interview, the actress who played Florence opened up about her character.

Speaking with her former co-star Tahj Miles, who plays police officer Marlon Pryce, Josephine admitted Florence was her first English speaking TV role.

“I was excited because it was the first time auditioning for a main character in an English series,” Josephine recalled.

“I remember the other actors who were there, they spoke English a little bit so we recorded the tape together.”

The actress went on to speak about the costume she wore when she was a uniformed officer.

She said BBC bosses wanted viewers to see a huge transition between Florence as a police officer and Florence as a detective.

“My costume was too big for me,” Josephine explained as she laughed: “It was too large.”

“I was floating in my shirt…they wanted…when I turned into a detective and when I began I was wearing very sexy clothes.

“They wanted to make a real difference between the police officer wearing large clothes and the detective wearing sexy…”

The actress went on to discuss how she was “afraid” to replace Sara as a detective in the drama.

She added to Tahj in his The Table Read podcast: “It was a huge responsibility and I was more afraid about how the audience would react because every time a character leaves, you know how people are.”

Series 12 for Death in Paradise has been confirmed and will see the return of Ralf Little as Neville Parker.

It is unclear how the upcoming series will play out, but fans believe romance could be on the cards for Neville.

If the Commissioner’s secret daughter arrives on Saint Marie, sparks may fly between the detective and the newcomer.

But, how will Neville’s boss react to the news?

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBCiPlayer and BritBox.

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