Dec shrieks as Ant accidentally smashes camera in Saturday Night Takeaway chaos

Saturday Night Takeaway viewers were stunned tonight when Ant McPartlin accidentally smashed a camera.

Tonight's show opened with a live performance from former X Factor star Ella Henderson – with the Geordie presenters joining in the fun.

The cheeky lads, who usually sing and dance at the start, grabbed a pair of cameras and started filming the performance and the excited crowd.

However, there was chaos at the end when Ant launched his camera across the set and missed the arms of a crew member, saying: "Grab this Alan, it's a bit heavy."

Dec Donnelly let out a piercing shriek as the expensive looking camera hit the ground and seemingly broke.

Ant tried to move the show along and told Dec to put his camera down, but he asked a crew member to carefully take it off him.

Grinning Ant joked: "It clips back together. Just twist it. Jam it."

The guest voice over, radio star Greg James, said: "That looked expensive. Uh oh."

After the shocking moment, Saturday Night Takeaway tweeted: "We are NEVER, EVER letting the boys loose with the cameras again!"

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Stunned Saturday Night Takeaway viewers took to Twitter after watching Ant's hilarious antics.

One viewer said: "I can’t believe Ant just threw that camera"

"That’s the last time Ant is going to be allowed to hold a camera," added another.

A third asked: "What part of chucking that camera did Ant think was a good idea??"

"Glad I’m not ant .. the camera men won’t be happy ," said a fourth.

This came straight after Ella Henderson had opened the show with a rendition of her hit This Is Real.

The X Factor singer, who finished in sixth place in the 2012 series, started singing while Ant and Dec filmed the audience enjoying the peformance.

However, some viewers were disappointed with her vocals during the fun and vibrant performance.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: "Ouch. Ella’s voice has broken a few times. Otherwise she has a great voice. But tonight’s performance isn’t it."

"Ella Henderson just murdered her own song," added another.

A third said: "Ella Henderson’s voice cracking more than my back after a game of rugby"

"Ella is a great singer and all, but these voice cracks are shocking!!!," said a fourth.

*Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway airs Saturdays on ITV at 7pm

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