Dog the Bounty Hunter shares sweet photos from reunion with daughters Lyssa and Cecily after split from Moon – The Sun

DOG the Bounty Hunter has shared more cute snaps from his family reunion in Hawaii.

Duane posted a sweet photo of himself with daughters Lyssa and Cecily, proving his fall out with estranged daughter Lyssa has well and truly been put to bed.

The black and white shot shows Dog posing with Lyssa and Cecily, who look just as thrilled to be reunited.

It’s Duane’s first trip back to Hawaii since his beloved wife Beth died last June after an 18-month battle with lung cancer.

He used his visit as an opportunity to reconnect with the girls and his grandkids, Dakota and Madalynn, at a rehab charity event.

Sources told The Sun the family just wants to move on after months of drama – particularly between Dog and Lyssa, who are finally on speaking terms again.

A source said: “Dog and Lyssa have always had their ups and downs like any family does.

“Right now they just want to put all the drama of the past few months in the past and move on.

“Everyone in the family is still grieving over Beth and still has a lot of healing to do.”

Lyssa posted another photo of her smiling with her dad.

❤️? Feels so good to see my Dad and be reminded that love is unconditional and transcendent. ❤️? #CrazyAsAChapman Family ❤️ ?‍? Photo Credit: Bret Thomsett for The Sun

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She wrote: “Feels so good to see my Dad and be reminded that love is unconditional and transcendent.”

Duane’s relationship with Lyssa hit rock bottom after Beth Chapman passed away last year.

Lyssa was particularly angered by her father’s relationship with Beth’s former assistant, Moon.

Meanwhile, the Sun exclusively revealed that Lyssa now has plans to leave her home state of Hawaii to be closer to her dad and other family members.

An insider also said the memories of Beth still roam around the island and have become too much for her.

"She loves Hawaii and the people there but now the island is also full of painful and emotional memories of Beth and it's hard,” the source said.

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