Eamonn Holmes speaks out after fans accuse him of going too far with fillers

Eamonn Holmes responds after viewers accuse him of using fillers

Eamonn Holmes and his co-star Isabel Webster were speaking about the regulation of social media filters on their GB News show on Tuesday. 

Eamonn began: “Isabel and I would like to point out people often say ‘Eamonn, how for a man your age do you look so well?’

“People often say to me, do you know, yesterday there was some grab or something used on a social media here and people say ‘Eamonn has gone too far with the fillers’.”

“Really?!” Isabel asked as she could not believe the cheek of what she was hearing. 

“Oh yes,” Eamonn replied. “But then I looked at it and I do think they have a point.

“I do look like I am sort of puffy, I have got big hamster cheeks and slitty eyes.”

Isabel interjected: “Well, people pay a lot of money for that.”

After asking Isabel to smile for him, he said: “Your chin just gets more prominent, my eyes get small.” 

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Isabel started speaking about a face-tracking app before Eamonn butted in with: “My point being, we should have a camera here on the studio floor that makes us look good.”

“Do I not look alright as I am?” Isabel asked. “I think I’m OK as I am.”

Eamonn offered a back-handed compliment with: “You are appropriate for a woman your age, you know what I mean?”


“Thank you, I think that’s what’s called a back-handed compliment,” Isabel said before quickly moving on. 

The pair spoke to an education campaigner about the use of filters and how she felt they should be regulated. 

Another guest appeared on the show to suggest there was not much difference between the use of filters and wearing make-up. 

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