EastEnders cast urging people to hum the show's theme tune while washing hands

EastEnders cast members are urging fans to hum the soap’s famous theme tune as they wash their hands amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The dramatic song lasts for 35 seconds, which is the perfect length for optimum hand washing.

The problem is, once you’ve done it, you have it in your head the rest of the day…

On Twitter, the EastEnders account read today: ‘Bored of singing Happy Birthday all day, every day? Here’s what us lot at #EastEnders are humming along to… #Covid_19#WashYourHands#StayHomeSaveLives.’

Then, in the video, various cast members – including Lucy Zero, who plays Dotty – hum, or beat box, the theme tune.

Also seen in the video are Jaz Deol (Kheerat) and Suzette Llewellyn (Sheree).

It’s a pretty inspired idea!

The EastEnders theme tune was written by English composer Simon May and has been as essential part of the soap since its debut in 1985.

Seriously, what would it be with the cliffhanger drums?!

The video follows EastEnders legend Tamzin Outhwaite this week speaking out against those not following self-isolating over the virus, saying: ‘I can’t believe how many of you are going out!’

‘My house is a tip & my kids have no respect for me…what I would give to go to work,’ she added.

‘Still we are all inside on day 6 of self isolation. I can’t imagine how people must feel who are separated from their children during this.’

Well said!

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