EastEnders fans share theory about Christmas flash-forward killer after Nish attacks Suki

EastEnders fans are convinced that Nish Panesar has sealed his own fate, as the dodgy businessman attacked his wife Suki on Wednesday’s episode. The show opened with Nish heading off to an important business meeting as his wife obediently wished him good luck and waved him off.

But moments later, Suki could be seen stepping into a pay phone to call the police as she reported her husband to the cops for his less than legal business dealings. Relieved that she would soon be free of his controlling clutches, Suki headed home and began planning for her new life with love interest Eve, only to be left startled when Nish later returned having been caught out by the cops!

Initially, convinced it was Vinny that had ratted him out, Nish made a move to hit his son as he accused him of reporting him to the police. But as Nish raised his fist and pushed Vinny back, Suki blurted out the truth that it was actually her that reported her husband as she boldly declared she “didn’t love him.”

Surprisingly, Nish appeared to take the news remarkably well and even conceded to an extent that things hadn’t been the same between the pair since he returned from prison, however he was adamant that one day his wife would love him the same way that she used to. Clearly optimistic about a reconciliation, he let Suki and Vinny depart, with the pair seemingly parting on good terms.

However in a shocking turn of events, later in the episode Vinny could be seen returning home to harrowing scenes, as he walked into 41 Albert Square only to see his father standing over the lifeless body of Suki at the bottom of the stairs.

As regular fans will know, the fall is far from fatal, as Suki is just one of several women of Walford who has appeared in the previews for the Christmas flash forwards episode. But the attack has convinced many fans that Suki and those that love her will soon be seeking vengeance for the violent outburst and may even be the ones to murder Nish in upcoming scenes.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, one fan wrote: "Please let Nish be the one on the floor at Christmas and let it be Vinny who ends him."

A second fan was also convinced Nish would be the one to die at Christmas after his menacing ways continued to wreak havoc in the Square, as they added: "Nish will kill Eve then Suki will kill him in the Vic at Christmas."

A third fan also agreed Nish would be the victim as they wrote: "Come on it’s got to be Nish dead at Christmas."

A fourth viewer also weighed in on the situation as they added: "Suki has to be the one to kill Nish. She needs to reclaim her life after years of abuse."

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