EastEnders fans spot blunder as Lexi is ‘never at school’ after Jay proposes to Lola – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans spotted a major error during last night's episode as Lexi missed yet another day of school.

The seven-year-old was at home to witness Lola reject Jay's marriage proposal and when Lexi tried to comfort her mum, Lola said she could miss another day of school.

One fan said: "Lexi is never at school. Where is the welfare officer?"

Another fan added: "If Lexi has one more sick day, her school's gonna think she has coronavirus."

"I swear to god, Lexi is off school during every episode. Surely they’re worried about her attendance," a third fan remarked.

While a fourth fan posted: "Is Lexi ever at school?!"

Jay recruited the help of Lexi to help him decorate the living room in light of his grand gesture.

Lexi could be seen turning on fairy lights as Jay covered Lola's eyes and directed her into the room.

She was stunned to find her daughter dressed up and the table prepared for a candle-lit dinner.

Lola's excitement and surprise would soon turn to dismay as Jay got down and one knee and proposed, which a speechless Lola refused.

The two then had a fiery row, which resulted in them breaking up.

Later in the episode, Lola tried to cure her agony with booze, and went to the Albert were Peter was serving drinks.

The two got flirty and the last picture fans had in their head from last night's jaw-dropping episode was the pair engaging in a passionate smooch.

Jay texted the hairdresser at the same time she was locking lips with Peter, asking if they could talk.

Fans flooded Twitter, gobsmacked at the pair's shocking smooch.

One said: "Well, that didn’t take Lola long! Didn’t she say and swear to Jay that she had no interest in Peter at all lmao. Poor Jay."

While another added: "Lola!!!! At least the kiss happened after the break-up."

A third tweeted: "Hi Peter, I missed you. But after that, I want you to scuttle off back to New Zealand. Please and thanks."

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