EastEnders viewers left aghast as soap death is foreshadowed with major clue

EastEnders has left a jaw-dropping clue which fans spotted that foreshadows a death on the popular BBC soap.

Chantelle Atkins was brutally assaulted by her twisted husband Gray Atkins last week, with the evil character continuously torturing his poor wife in disturbing scenes.

However, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed something which they think is a huge clue revealing Chantelle will take out her revenge on horrible Gray.

In horrific scenes that aired days ago, Gray wrongly accused his wife of betraying him by telling her father he got suspended from work.

He battered the poor character as her punishment, hitting her brutally so she fell to her knees in pain.

Chantelle was left for dead on the floor after Gray had physically and sexually assaulted her.

Fans quickly spotted a clue which could show Gray finally exposed.

They flocked to Twitter, sharing their thoughts on how the character will get his just deserts.

One said, thinking Chantelle had been stabbed by Gray: "When Chantelle tried to stand up and her hands are on the counter there was a knife missing from holder behind her, and she really struggled to get up.

"I really hope this was just a coincidence and I’m reading into it too much."

While another typed: "There's also a framed-shot of Gray in the Vic which resembles a prison cell door window.

"I wonder if perhaps he has stabbed her, but this time Chantelle will finally tell the truth to someone, and this storyline ends with him going to prison?”

"He seemed really upset/shocked when he found out Chantelle hadn’t said anything so perhaps he had done more damage to her this time. I can see this ending with him being killed or maybe suicide" added a third soap fan.

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After Gray beat Chantelle, he fled the scene, but was then whisked away to the Queen Vic, leaving Chantelle in a heap on the kitchen floor.

The evil character was surprised at the pub with a gathering in his honour, as locals thought he was still helping Whitney Dean with her prison case.

Chantelle's father Mitch revealed he'd planned the surprise, leaving Gary realising Chantelle hadn't told him anything.

Fans were left relieved when Chantelle survived her injuries, but could this foreshadow her death in after episodes?

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC1

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