Elisabeth Moss takes control of The Handmaid’s Tale as director in season 4

ELISABETH Moss is taking control of The Handmaid’s Tale as a director in season four.

The 37-year-old actress plays June Osborne in the hit Hulu series, but as well as being the star, she is also set to make her directorial debut during the fourth season.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed Elisabeth will direct the third episode, as the show continues to follow June's desperate plight in the totalitarian regime of Gilead.

Speaking about her new role, Elisabeth told the publication: "Leading and executive producing this show the past three years has been such a joy and I’ve had the incredible gift of learning so much from the directors we’ve had on this show.

"I can’t wait to try my hand at working with my collaborators from this new perspective because I am lucky to have the best cast and crew in the world."

She joked: "My only hurdle may be working with the lead actress who I hear can be incredibly demanding. Wish me luck."

Meanwhile Executive Producer Warren Littlefield recently said the show doesn't have a "definitive out", so fans can probably expect the series to carry on beyond season four.

Speaking about the show returning in fall 2020 as opposed to spring or summer like previous seasons, Warren told the Television Critics Association: "We'll start with start principal photography March 2, and we'll be on in the fall.

"We have not planned season four to be the end, but we also look to Margaret [Atwood]'s book The Testaments and know that that story takes us 15 years into the future.

"We don't see ending it in [season 4], and I can honestly say to you, we don't have a definitive out."

He added: "But I think we want to keep the bar high, and it would not be a bad thing to leave the audience wanting more and and and then we could, we could ideally shift into The Testaments."

Author Margaret first released The Handmaid's Tale in 1985, and followed it up with the sequel, The Testaments, last year.

Meanwhile the Hulu adaptation of her novel first aired in April 2017, with the second season premiering in April 2018.

The third season took to screens in June 2019 and ended with June being shot by a guard after helping dozens of children escape Gilead for the safety of Canada.

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