Emmerdale fans baffled by corpse error as they moan about embarrassing storm

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    Emmerdale fans were left baffled over a major error during the tense 50th anniversary week.

    Former vicar-turned-cop Harriet Finch was killed off on Monday night after her quad bike crashed into a tree and trapped her in the woods, before exploding after a lightning strike.

    Kim Tate attempted to revive her, but was forced to flee back to Home Farm to tell Will Taylor the bad news – with Harriet's boyfriend Dan Spencer later stumbling across her body on the trail.

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    But on Wednesday (October 19), Dan turned up at the hospital to see his daughter Amelia, bringing the news that Harriet had passed away.

    Baffled fans took to Twitter to point out that despite numerous people finding her, nobody made a move to transport Harriet's body out of the woods and back home.

    One confused viewer penned: "Everyone upset that Harriet is dead but not one person has gone to actual retrieve her career changing corpse #Emmerdale."

    Another quipped: "The fact she’s now a permanent fixture of the woods now and Emmerdale village attendees will have to step over her rotting carcass!"

    "I hope Kim’s beautiful horse with the matching tail to her dress carries her to the undertakers," a third wrote.

    Someone else had an even wilder theory, as they posted: "Next death will be caused by Harriet being forgotten in the woods for so long that she reanimates into something akin to a clicker from the Last of Us and bites every villager!"

    Judging by the gruesome stunts already taking place across the village, another echoed: "I hope Harriet’s corpse doesn’t come flying into the village!"

    Wednesday's episode saw Liv Flaherty killed off after being crushed by a caravan – with husband Vinny and brother Aaron saying emotional goodbyes to her.

    Though the paramedics arrived at the scene, the caravan pinning Liv down was the only thing keeping her alive, and any attempt to remove it would have killed her.

    Instead, she died in Vinny's arms as a piano ballad played in the background, leaving fans in tears.

    Sam Dingle is fighting for his life after being impaled on farming equipment while fleeing a herd of stampeding cows, while Amelia Spencer has also been rushed to hospital after going into early labour.

    Thankfully, her contractions have slowed – meaning the baby could survive to full term.


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