Emmerdale fans spot huge blunder as garage is smashed to bits – but nobody in the village hears it happen – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans spotted a huge blunder in last night's gripping episode as Cain's garage was smashed to bits, but nobody in the village heard it happen.

Cain has just begun a feud with the soap's new badboy DI Malone and the police officer has fired the first shot in what promises to be a long and bitter feud between the two alpha-males.

Early in the episode the two came face to face when they met down an alleyway.

They sized each other up as Malone said to the mechanic that he is "not invincible" and "isn't as clever as he thinks he is", to which Cain snarled back "neither are you."

The detective would demand that the father-of-four give him what he feels is rightfully his and there would be no aggro between the two.

Of course Cain refused to agree and would drive away in his flash black metallic BMW, which prompted the evil Malone to put the first step of his evil plan into action.

Malone carried out a hit on Cain's garage, who was stunned to return to the village and find it destroyed.

His ex Moira would also feel the wrath of the dirty cop, as he ordered for the bull on her farm to be viciously killed.

Malone soon turned his attentions to Cain's youngest son Isaac before giving Cain a chilling indirect warning.

He uttered: "If you do remember anyone you might have upset, I'd make amends, before things really get out of hand."

The garage incident occurred when Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) left the garage unattended, popping out to the shop to pick up some teabags.

Shockingly, not one villager heard the commotion even though the garage was located in the middle of the Emmerdale village.

Fans fumed on Twitter over the garage blunder, pointing out the racket that would have been made.

One said: "A little village like #emmerdale and nobody saw or heard Cain's garage getting turned over?"

A second agreed: "So the garage in the middle of a village has been smashed to bits in broad daylight and no one saw it??"

And a third chimed: "The garage gets ransacked and nobody in the village heard or saw it? Jeez-o."

Not one person in the whole village saw or heard all that noise," remarked a fourth.

"Small village and nobody saw the garage being trashed #emmerdale" fumed a fifth.

Cain and Malone first crossed paths after he accidentally shot his son Nate Robinson.

The gun that he used turned out to be one that he had been used to kill three people, which can be traced back to the dodgy cop.

That's why he has rocked up in the village and now has Cain, along with Billy and Will, who used to work for Malone as part of a criminal gang, in his sights.

Will Cain back down, or will he find a way to take down DI Malone himself?

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