Emmerdale spoilers: Killer Meena Jutla lures Victoria Sugden away from the village after shock David kiss

MEENA Jutla lures Victoria Sugden away from the village after her shock David kiss next week in Emmerdale.

It looks like the wicked nurse – played by Paige Sandu in the ITV soap – is back to her evil ways.

Earlier this week viewers saw David and Victoria fighting over the last place at their preferred nursery, but were left stunned with Chaz's daughter Eve got it.

It has also been revealed that Meena is set to take horrifying revenge against her love rival as she kidnap David’s son Theo while in Victoria’s care.

As viewers will know David recently kissed Victoria, despite being in a relationship with serial killer Meena.

The pair are trying to act as if nothing has happened, but Meena is about to stick her nose into the situation.

The murderer interrupts the two during a chat and asks Victoria if she would like to enjoy some girly time with her.

Although she was reluctant at first, the chef agrees to spend some time with her.

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Before they go out, Meena says to David that she will look after her.

However the way she says it to her boyfriend implies that she definitely won't be doing what she's promised.

What is Meena up to?

Discussing Victoria and David’s connection, Isabella Hodgins – who plays Victoria – told Digital Spy: "There's a spark there for sure. Victoria is going to find it hard to trust again after Luke but David is kind and decent in Victoria's eyes."

Speaking about a potential backlash from Meena, she added: "From what I now know about Meena, I can imagine she's not going to take it well. I think anyone would be mad to find out their partner had kissed someone else, but Meena is on a different level."

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