Emmerdale spoilers: Nicola King’s exit revealed after heartbreaking revelation?

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Emmerdale has brought the real life coronavirus lockdown into the ITV soap, as the villagers get a taste of what life is like on the outside. While fans get to see how their favourite characters are adjusting to life in isolation, there is plenty of time for reflection.

She starts to get a bit sad as she realises she has nothing much to look forward to once lockdown ends

Nicola King

But that might not necessarily be a good thing for married couple Nicola and Jimmy King (played by Nicola Wheeler and Nick Miles).

In their upcoming lockdown special episode which is set to air next Wednesday, fans will sense that there is a certain tension between the two.

We know all too well how being cooped up can be frustrating and it seems they both have their own issues to contend with.

Determined to keep busy, Nicola throws herself into her council business even though everything in the village is shut down.


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But despite their growing irritation with the situation, Jimmy can sense that something deeper is going on with his wife.

Growing more woeful by the day, Nicola isn’t content with her quiet village life anymore.

Realising that it won’t change much even after lockdown is over, she realises she wants more out of life, but will voicing her concerns to Jimmy have a detrimental impact on their marriage?

In a recent Q&A with actors Nicola Wheeler and Nick Miles, who play the feisty married couple on the ITV soap, they address the upcoming turbulence in their relationship.

“I think Nicola is doing a little bit of life assessment,” Nicola said of her character.

“When every day is the same you start looking at your life and there’s a scene in the episode where she says ‘when lockdown ends and everything goes back to normal, I’m going to be still doing the same thing.’

She continued: “I think what’s become apparent for her is that nothing’s changed much apart from not being able to go out. She’s reevaluating her life and what she’s doing. She starts to get a bit sad as she realises she has nothing much to look forward to once lockdown ends.”

With Jimmy noticing her lacklustre attitude and believing she’s not happy with him anymore, he’s hurt when she brands her life boring.

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Is she talking about their marriage, too?

“It seems like she’s bored with their relationship but there could be a lot more to it than that,” Nicola admitted.

But while Nicola is fighting her own inner demons, Jimmy is left feeling downtrodden that he isn’t enough for his ambitious wife anymore.

Nick revealed that a potential breakup occurs to him during the episode: “There’s a strain because there is something wrong and he doesn’t know what it is, he can’t get at it and when your partner isn’t being straight with you, we all know that can be a very challenging problem,” he explained.


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Is this the end for the fan-favourite couple?

Will Nicola end up leaving the Dales after setting her sights on bigger things?

Or can Jimmy find a way to get through to his wife before it’s too late?

Emmerdale continues Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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