Emmerdale teen star Katie Hall promises 'naughty' future for Sarah Sugden after shock robbery

Her heart is in the right place, but Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) is set to find herself in a world of trouble when she infiltrates Holdgate Cottage, suspicious that Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) is hiding information about the whereabouts of missing Kirin.

Determined to help Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) track him down so that she can get his consent for her to adopt Johnny, Sarah takes a big risk – and indulges in some breaking and entering. And Katie has teased to us that this is just the beginning of her very Dingle behaviour.

After overhearing a suspicious phone call from Priya, Sarah takes action – but after being dismissed by Charity, she resorts to more desperate measures.

Katie explained: ‘She immediately goes home to report to Charity. Charity shuts her down and then in true Dingle style, she takes things into her own hands. She has this plan to break into Holdgate cottage. She goes up there and is spying from the side of a wall. She sees everyone leaving and sees an opportunity to climb through the window.

‘Because she’s got the idea to help Charity and Vanessa in her head, the risk factor goes over her head because she’s so determined to find information.’

The actress went on: ‘Immediately she rushes around, she knows someone could come in at any time. She can’t seem to find anything but then she spots some of Priya’s jewellery and takes that too! She has struggled to find information, she pockets the jewellery and when Charity finds out, she reveals she was going to pawn it and use it to pay to find more information on Kirin.

‘Sarah is rummaging around and she has to hide but it’s Charity coming in. She’s really annoyed at her for doing this – when Sarah explains she is trying to help, Charity kind of appreciates it but she isn’t pleased overall.’

But while Charity might not approve (bit of a cheek there, Charity!), Katie is loving exploring a more mischevious side to her character after she has endured so much tragedy in her young life.

She enthused: ‘It’s really fun because when I cam into the soap, I was an innocent girl and it was all emotional with her illness so to be able to play her sweet side and now her Dingle side is good fun.

‘It’s just the best being a Dingle. It’s full of great characters and the actors are amazing. You’re never bored, there’s always drama going on, you will never have an easy life. There are always new challenges and themes to tackle. Even if someone doesn’t watch Emmerdale, they know the Dingles!’

Having been in the show for three years, Katie has been at the centre of some dramatic scenes and the youngster is loving every moment.

Addressing her time at Emmerdale, she smiled: ‘Just amazing really. From the moment I got here, everyone just made me feel so welcome. You soon feel like you’ve been there ages. I did a lot of work with Charley at the start and she was amazing from the get go. She took me under her wing and I have learnt so much from everyone. I consider myself so lucky to have this opportunity. It’s been the best.’

‘I get really good responses. The nice thing about her is that her intentions are good even if she’s up to no good. Everyone knows she grew up in hospital – it’s not an excuse but she is spreading her wings a bit now and feels a bit freer. Viewers are understanding that there is more to her than being a brat – it’s usually quite positive.’

But what’s next for the teen tearaway?

Katie mused: ‘With being a Dingle, I can imagine her going down the more naughty side. Her female role models are Charity and Debbie and we know how their lives have been. But I’d still like to keep her sweet side because of everything she went through at a young age.

‘Like I said, though, it would be good to have more mischief so long as we can keep mind of the fact she has been through what she has. She has a good heart but will get up to no good and appreciates the life she has got now.’

The multi skilled actress also has quite the voice on her – something fans witnessed when she took part in Woolpack Sessions.


Katie grinned: ‘Singing is something I have always done – doing the Woolpack Session was scary as I have never done a full performance just me and a keyboard in front of a camera.

‘But it was a great experience to get involved in something outside of the soap. That’s the first time fans have seen me out of character so it was nice to be representing Emmerdale as me.’

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