Emmerdale viewers baffled as ‘death spoiler leaked’ on Lorraine in major mix-up

Emmerdale fans were baffled and left believing they'd missed an episode, after a major death "spoiler" on Lorraine on Friday morning.

Lorraine Kelly was hosting the show, and was joined by showbiz and TV guest reporter Ria Hebden who had the latest soap gossip.

But it's when she moved on to Emmerdale that fans were suddenly very confused.

Either the show dropped a huge upcoming spoiler, or the reporter hadn't quite got the latest goings on right in the Dales ahead of her Lorraine segment.

She confirmed the death of a character, who was very much alive.

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It was said the next episode would follow the aftermath of Nate Robinson's death.

Nate had been shot a few weeks ago by his own dad Cain Dingle, but he survived.

He's also been in the episodes of the ITV soap all this week, very much alive.

But fans were in for a shock when tuning into Lorraine on Friday morning, with it suggested he was dead.

Ria said: "I wanna talk about Emmerdale cos it's the aftermath of Nate's death."

As Lorraine nodded, she added: "Detective Inspector Malone is growing very suspicious of Cain," before showing a clip.

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Fans raced to Twitter , with one commenting: "@lorraine nates death??? #emmerdale he’s not dead is he??"

Another joked: " @emmerdale Nate has just been killed off on @Lorraine."

A third said: "Either she’s made a mistake or has released a spoiler on #Lorraine regarding #Emmerdale. What did she mean tonight’s episode is the aftermath of Nate’s death? He’s not dead?"

This was echoed by another viewer who commented: "If Nate was dead he had a pretty good ghost in ydays episode."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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