Emmerdale: Vinny Dingle's shock romance with Kim Tate explained

EMMERDALE’s Bradley Johnson has hinted that his character Vinny Dingle could be set for a shock affair with the Queen of Home Farm Kim Tate.

But could 18-year-old Vinny really end up getting involved with 61-year-old evil Kim in a bizarre twist? Here’s everything you need to know about Vinny Dingle’s fate on the ITV soap…

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Are Vinny Dingle and Kim Tate going to have a shock romance in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale actor Bradley Johnson has hinted that his character could be set for romance with the Home Farm Queen Kim Tate

Viewers will know that Vinny has just discovered he was abandoned by his father Paul when he was a baby.

It's possible the news could lead to Vinny having an identity crisis and turning to wise Kim for solace. 

Meanwhile, Kim is currently in the midst of a family feud herself that has seen her daughter-in-law Andrea and son Jamie move out of Home Farm and disown her. 

Viewers watched Jamie brutally announce he wanted nothing to do with her after it emerged that the matriarch had conspired to have Graham Foster killed. 

Given she’ll be feeling pretty lonely, it’s possible Vinny could be her perfect conquest – even if she would eat him alive. 

But given Kim's track record of dating murderous men, it seems unlikely she’d go for innocent Vinny.

With Emmerdale yet to speak out about Vinny’s fate on the soap, fans will have to tune in to find out whether there’s a romance with Kim on the horizon. 

What has actor Bradley Johnson said about the shock fling?

Bradley told Inside Soap: "I think Vinny's at that age where he thinks he's a bit of a ladies' man, which he probably isn't!"

The Emmerdale actor continued: "He's a bit of a geeky character and we've seen a bit of him fancying Belle.

"However, since Graham's gone, Kim Tate is without a love interest, so Vinny could be her toyboy!"

And the fact that Vinny and Kim would have a 43 year age gap didn't seem to phase Bradley at all.

He added: "I don't think he would be particularly fussy about who he's with, though!"

Who is Vinny’s mystery visitor in Emmerdale?

It looks like a shock fling won’t be the only thing in store for Vinny, as he's set to get a surprise visit from his estranged father Paul in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale. 

Mandy is quick to send Paul packing but little does she know he starts lurking in the village shadows and spots Vinny. 

Realising Mandy lied to him about his son’s whereabouts, he continues to spy on Vinny in his car as the Dingles celebrate Lydia and Sam’s wedding.

Emmerdale viewers had been trying to get to the bottom of who Vinny was for months after it was revealed that he wasn’t Mandy Dingle’s biological son. 

Mandy finally revealed last month that Vinny was the son of her ex-boyfriend Paul, who abandoned them both when Vinny was a baby.

Mandy took it upon herself to look after him, keeping him hidden from social services. 

Mandy told the Dingles: “One day he walked away and never came back, two days after Vinny started school. I was no-one, just this random woman that his dad had shacked up with. I had to make a choice – do I become the mum he never had or do I put him into care. The easiest call I’ve ever had to make.”

Vinny started to defend Mandy for her decision: “I spent so many years lying, waiting for a knock on the door from the social because people won’t accept she’s my real mum."

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