Emmerdale’s DI Malone corners Cane in tonight’s episode as actor Mark Womack teases dangerous feud – The Sun

EMMERDALE's DI Malone corners Cane Dingle tonight as actor Mark Womack teased their dangerous feud.

Lorraine viewers got a sneak preview of the upcoming scene where the corrupt cop demands Cane (Jeff Hordley) gives him "what is mine".

In the preview, Malone says: "You think you're invincible, the truth is you've just been lucky.

"Your fateful flaw is you're not as clever as you think you are.

"As long as you give me what's mine, right now, we won't have a problem."

Cane appears calm and viewers will have to wait and see if the mechanic breaks under the pressure.

Mark told Lorraine Kelly: "I'm not going to give things away, there's a lot of fun and games, there's lots of juicy stuff to come.

Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle has met his match for the first time in TWENTY years in dodgy DI Malone, says Jeff Hordley.

The police officer with a dark history gives the soap's resident bad boy a run for his money.

Jeff, 50, spoke to Inside Soap about the new storyline and admitted it was great to have someone to bounce off of.

It’s good to see Cain get his old DNA back,” grins Jeff.

“He’s finally met his match! It’s great to have somebody to bounce off, because Cain has not been in situations like this for a while.

He added: "We’ve been filming in some great locations, and there’s been a lot of Mexican stand-offs – a lot of me and Mark getting one up on each other, and it’s really fun!”

Cain and Mark first crossed paths after he accidentally shot his son Nate Robinson.

The gun he used turned out to be one he had been used to kill three people, which can be traced back to the dodgy cop.

That's why he has rocked up in the village and now has Cain, along with Billy and Will, who used to work for Malone as part of a criminal gang, in his sights.

The bent police officer is now trying to get the trio to do dirty work for him and Cain is not impressed.

"Cain has come across people like DI Malone before, so he's experienced with this kind of individual," Jeff explained.

"Each time he thinks he's getting rid of Malone, Malone comes back at him."

Jeff's alter-ego isn't alone in wanting corrupt cop to go away, as Will and Billy are heavily involved.

In fact, Will's criminal past and connection to Malone has dragged Cain into his mess, as the gun Cain used to shoot Nate was in fact a gun Will was hiding, as it was used by members of his former gang.

The pair are desperate for Cain to find a solution to the huge problem that is DI Malone and Jeff confirms that Cain is aware of the severity of the situation.

"Cain realises that Will is in too deep."

He continued: "He knows he has to take this on board on behalf of Will and Billy, he has to do everything to be able to make things better."

"He doesn't think they are incompetent as such, but he know they are unable to handle it."

Jeff revealed Cain's plan of action to take down the evil enforcer is to try and stay one step ahead of him and play him at his own game, but whether he will be able to pull the wool over Malone's eyes remains to be seen.

Regardless of the outcome, the legendary soap star is enjoying throwing himself into a new storyline and working with the newer actors on the soap.

Jeff said: "It's great acting with Mark, he's very professional and good fun to work with."

"We've been having a lot of fun, all of us together, being involved in this storyline."

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