Essie Davis and Charlie Hunnam Struggling to Film Sex Scene in Front of Her Husband

Essie Davis is left red-faced as she shoots intimate scenes with Charlie Hunnam and Nicholas Hoult in front of her director husband for movie ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’.

AceShowbiz -Actress Essie Davis struggled to film sex scenes with Charlie Hunnam in front of her husband.

Director Justin Kurzel hired his wife to play Ellen Kelly in real-life outlaw tale “True History of the Kelly Gang” – and that meant intimate scenes with Brits Hunnam and Nicholas Hoult.

“Pretty much every scene I had to do with every lovely man who came to do this epic tale, I had to do something excruciating with them on our first moment!” Essie tells WENN. “Giving someone fellatio in a scene is not the way you want to meet someone really!”

“Charlie is such a divine human being. We met the night before this brutal scene and on the day we got down and dirty pretty much right away. Charlie was the most embarrassed because it was his first scene on set and he had to do this in front of (my husband) Justin, who is saying, ‘OK Charlie, you stand here and Essie, you’re gonna be kneeling down.’ “

“It was very amusing but part of the job is to do excruciating things! It was brutal and it was freezing and flooding and snowing. Then Nicholas Hoult arrives and: ‘Let’s go rehearse a rape!’ We all had protective padding and did everything as safe as possible.”

Looking back, Davis has no problems with all the sex scenes but one fight scene left her bruised and sore.

“I got a cracked rib,” she explains.

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