Eurovision blunder as BBC reporter forgets theyre live on air

BBC News airs Eurovison blunder

As the excitement for Eurovision Song Content 2023 ramps up, the BBC have been covering all aspects of the competition.

Unfortunately for reporter Jane Hill, she was caught off-guard when she didn’t realise she was live on BBC News at One.

After a clip showing Mae Muller reacting to something she had seen online stopped, the camera cut to the studio.

Jane was live at the Eurovision village and unaware viewers could hear what she was saying.

She was heard telling someone off-camera: “I can do. I’ll ad-loiv the trail.”

It didn’t take long for Jane to realise what happened and she quickly recovered telling viewers: “Well so noisy here, as you may have gathered.

“Let’s head, if we possibly can, to the fan-zone behind me.”

Viewers were quick to take Twitter to comment on the awkward moment with one commenting: “This is so British!”

Another added: “Jane Hill having a little chat when they went back to her.”

It comes after one BBC reporter mistook a super fan for Finland’s entry Kaarija.

After he had performed single Cha Cha Cha, a favourite with the audience, the reporter thought they’d found him on the streets of Liverpool.

Speaking to the unnamed man, the BBC North West reporter said: “We even managed to catch up with the main man himself.”

The strapline beneath the interview also read: “Kaarija – Finland entrant.”

Eurovision fans went wild over the blunder with one commenting: “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Funny this is he’d never heard of him and was dressed like that anyway,” another fan posted.

A spokesperson for BBC North West Tonight commented on the awkward moment: “This was a case of Eurovision fever. We hope the real Käärijä will join us on North West Tonight so we can say sorry and wish him well for the Grand Final.”

Eurovision Song Contest airs tonight on BBC One from 8pm.

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