Every Marvel movie to watch during lockdown from Black Panther to Deadpool

With country after country going into lockdown with the spread of the coronavirus, we’ve been relying on TV now more than ever.

Streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix have been the usual go-to for binge-watching random shows, but both don’t have access to our favourite Marvel and DC movies.

There are endless superhero movies to watch, and a Marvel Comic Universe marathon is a great way to pass the time especially when it takes just over two days to get through.

It’s a good thing we finally have Disney Plus UK, after what feels like decades of waiting.

But where to start? Black Panther, of course.

It’s the most popular Marvel movie around the entire world, according to research done by Cashlady, and 48 countries voting so should be enough to let you know that it will be a great action-packed film to start with.

By order of popularity, the rest of the films to watch are Spider-Man (a favourite in 21 countries), Captain Marvel (14 countries), Deadpool (13 countries) and Wonder Woman (which is DC, but we’ll let that pass).

Does this mean it’s time to subscribe to Disney Plus? We think so.

But wait, what’s the UK’s favourite superhero movie?

Captain Marvel, of course.

Whether you agree or disagree, that’s a debate to have while forgetting about the chaos in the world right now.

Considering X-Men, Avengers: Endgame and Guardians of the Galaxy were only the favourite in one country each, there’s a lot to be discussed – yes, X-Men deserves a lot more credit.

Speaking of Disney Plus, we’ve also compiled a handy guide about everything you need to know about the new streaming platform, from its pricing to the titles available.

There’s also, of course, a massive list of all the classic Disney Channel shows available so you can re-live your childhood.

See you once in two and a half superhero-filled days.

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