Expert reveals what Murder in the Car Park got wrong about Daniel Morgan’s death

Viewers were fascinated by Channel 4’s documentary drama Murder in the Car Park on Monday night, which looked at the death of private investigator Daniel Morgan. Among those who tweeted about the show was Peter Jukes, who is an expert on the case having hosted the Untold podcast alongside Daniel’s brother, Alastair, about his death. In a series of tweets, Peter gave fascinating behind-the-scenes information, while pointing out some things the show got wrong. 

He wrote: “First comment: the Golden Lion is Sydenham looks nothing like that. The car and the car park is wrong… The charade of the crime scene is documented in the @UntoldMurder – one forensic officer saw plain clothes police removed documents from the back of Daniel’s car — he was investigating police corruption… The scene with Rees on the doorstep with the DI Alan Jones don’t accord to the police record #MurderInTheCarPark — Rees later tried to fit him up with drugs.” 

Viewers discussed the episode

He continued: “The shaft of the hand axe that murdered Daniel Morgan was covered with Elastoplast to prevent forensics, and ensure grip… Great that #MurderInTheCarPark has been made and brought this to national attention. God knows how they’re going to explain the context, but we wait in hope and expectation… One of the most scandalous aspects of the whole #MurderInTheCarPark story is the way Rees and Fillery, who ended up being the main suppliers of hacking/police intel to Murdoch, twisted the media coverage from the outset.”

He added that the show barely covered enough of the 33-year-long mystery, adding: “Where’s Wapping/Taffy Holmes/Brinks Mat? Coming up soon  Paddy Pantsdown, David Mellor, Stephen Lawrence, Fake Sheikh, Piers Morgan, George Michael and Scappaticci — if you follow the real narrative.” Plenty of other viewers also discussed the episode on Twitter, with one writing: “Just finished watching the first episode of #MurderInTheCarPark on @Channel4 . Didn’t even know this was the most investigated unsolved murder in the history of the Metropolitan Police. Can’t wait for episode two next Monday.” 

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