Fans are convinced that they know the plot twist in The Nest involving Kaya and Dan

Viewers were seriously impressed by BBC’s new show The Nest, which aired on Sunday night. The series follows a wealthy couple who are desperate for a child, and turn to a teenage girl who has grown up in a care home to act as their surrogate. While praising the first episode, fans of the show also took to social media with theories for what they think will happen in the show – and they might be right!

Dan, Emily and Kaya in The Nest 

One fan suggested that Kaya, the teenage acting as a surrogate for the couple, is actually Dan’s own daughter, tweeting: “I’m calling it now half an hour in, she was in care and I think she’s his [daughter] and he had a secret child. Then she’ll end up giving birth to her brother or sister.” Another added: “I was actually thinking that Kaya was Dan’s daughter and trying to get close to him.” A third person agreed, tweeting: “Yes why would she want to do this if not for the money?? Has to be a twist!” 

WATCH: The Nest trailer

Viewers were also delighted that the show offered a reprieve from news of the coronavirus pandemic, with many claiming that it was a welcome distraction. One person wrote: “Not thought about coronavirus once in the past hour whilst watching @martin_compston in the nest. Totally hooked it’s gripping drama just what we needed to take our mind off everything.” Another added: “I was totally immersed in #TheNest. The best of British drama. For the first time in weeks I didn’t think about the coronavirus for an hour.” In the series, Line of Duty’s Martin Compston stars as Dan, while Peaky Blinders star Sophie Rundle plays his wife, Emily. 

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