Former newspaper editor urges people to sue China over coronavirus

In an argument over whether the media is causing panic over coronavirus, one former newspaper editor has suggested that if you lose a loved one to the virus, you should sue the Chinese government.

Kelvin MacKenzie, who formerly worked at The Sun, has demanded people take legal action against China if a loved one dies due to coronavirus, encouraging people to ‘go after the government’.

Labelling China a ‘disgusting, disgraceful regime’, he believes because coronavirus started in China, the government should be held accountable.

Perhaps it comes as no real surprise following his comments, made on Good Morning Britain this morning, he’s been accused of racism.

Appearing on a panel alongside other newspaper editors and journalists, co-hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid moderated the conversation, as they spoke about the reality of the deaths from the virus as it ‘spreads fast’.

It comes as the third person dies in the UK from coronavirus, with 64 more patients confirmed to have the virus on Sunday, bringing the UK total to 273.

In response to the condition, Kelvin fumed on Monday: ‘If any of your relatives die, and I’m urging all your viewers to do this, you should sue the Chinese government.

‘It’s a disgusting, medically ill-equipped country. Where apparently the animals and the people have got together, they’ve caused this virus. If your mum and dad dies, get after them in the courts. We should make them pay.’

As members on the panel challenged him on the point, and Susanna deadpanned towards the camera, he continued, evidently deadly serious: ‘How are you going to stop people doing whatever they’re doing with bat soup and snakes?

‘How did this start? It started in China, it’s killing our people, we should come after their government.

‘This does not happen in non-authoritarian government.

‘It’s a disgusting, disgraceful regime and all these viruses start in China.’

Susanna mentioned how the measures China have now brought in to combat coronavirus have led to a drop in cases, however Kelvin added: ‘They started the damn thing.’

Some Good Morning Britain viewers accused him of racism, as they shared their thoughts on his message on social media.

One wrote on Twitter: ‘Kelvin Mackenzie suggesting people sue the Chinese government… heard it all now!’

A viewer raged: ‘Is this guy for real? Get him off he’s chatting absolute sh*te about Bats and suing China. P*ss off tw*t.’

Another accused him of ‘inciting some pretty hateful stuff’.

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