Friends Lisa Kudrow recalls being fired from another major US sitcom before Phoebe Buffay fame

FRIENDS star Lisa Kudrow revealed she was fired from another iconic sitcom before landing the role as Phoebe Buffay.

The actress discussed what could have been if she didn't land the iconic role of Phoebe in the hit sitcom Friends in a new interview.

Lisa appeared on The Howard Stern Show with her former co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.

The group interview covered their upbringings, successful show business careers, and recent “Friends” reunion special.

Jennifer talked about Friends being "the greatest job, experience, [and] 10 years of my life, that is something that will stand alone in and of itself for the rest of my life, because it was more than a job, it was more than a TV show. It was family.”

Meanwhile, Lisa explained how she was let go from Frasier just three days into filming the show's pilot episode.

She played radio producer Roz Doyle in the sitcom Frasier, but director James Burrows then changed his mind about her casting.

Lisa said: "I wasn't right for the part [or] for the chemistry of the group.

"So that wasn't working but I did think, 'Oh, I am not this guy's cup of tea'."

Actress Peri Gilpin took over the role of Roz and starred in the comedy until its final episode in 2004.

James also directed 15 episodes of Friends.

Lisa added: "In auditioning for Friends, I was the only one of the six of us who had to go in and audition for him."

With little to no notes or feedback, Lisa admitted: "I left going, well, that either means, 'She's beyond help and hopeless, just like I always knew' or 'It's perfect and I have no notes.'"

The Friends reunion special is available on Sky and NOW TV. 

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