Frozen's Olaf and SNL Cast Encourage Parents to 'Let Kids Drink' in Rousing Quarantine Anthem — Watch Video

The cast of Saturday Night Live knows just how hard it can be to parent your children while holed up in quarantine. That’s why they’ve proposed a new rule: “Let kids drink!”

That was the premise of a song performed by most of the cast during this weekend’s Season 45 finale. The music video also included a surprise cameo by Frozen star Josh Gad, who voices Olaf in the popular Disney film franchise.

“Give kids drinks,” he pleaded. “Disney said it’s fine. And now here’s a bedtime story: it’s vodka, soda, lime.”

Gad’s solo was followed by a Pete Davidson verse, in which the twentysomething cast member begged his mother to let him have “a drink and a shot… and a little pills and crack.”

The number eventually dovetailed into an anthem about letting dogs got wasted. Cecily Strong led the charge, likening canines to “smarter, nicer kids.” At one point, she was interrupted by a very depressed Beck Bennett, who chimed in with a verse of his own about letting guys drink alone in their sheds.

This weekend marked the third remote installment of SNL since the coronavirus pandemic forced the late-night sketch comedy series to halt production. In addition to Gad, the episode featured cameos by Alec Baldwin, SNL alums Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey, Martin Short, ubiquitous guest star Danny Trejo and a musical performance by Boyz II Men and Babyface.

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