Gangs of London fans rage as binge-watchers post major finale spoilers just one week after launch – The Sun

GANGS of London kicked off in explosive fashion last week with some of the most violent scenes to ever grace British TV.

The Sky Atlantic drama left many viewers reeling as characters were burned alive, had their eyes gouged out and were hacked into with a cleaver.

In the wake of the episodes, fans took to social media to share how they were equally repulsed and gripped by the grisly action.

However, now audiences have an altogether different conflict on their hands – the battle to avoid spoilers.

Since the series is available as one of Sky’s On Demand box sets, all episodes can be streamed, despite the show only airing its second instalment tonight.

Some mean-spirited binge-watchers decided to post details about the finale on Twitter – but rest assured we won’t be giving anything away here.

Many have shared their outrage at having the show ruined for them by the inconsiderate spoilers.

One raged: “I don’t rant often, but why do people give away the endings of series in their tweets?

“Been watching Gangs of London the last few nights and someone on my timeline has just blurted out the ending.  It only came out at the weekend and some of us still have to work.”

Referring to the gory deaths on the show, a second quipped: “If I see anymore Gangs of London spoilers, I’ll hang myself off a building and set myself on fire.”

A third chimed in: “Evil people already giving up spoilers for Gangs of London… May you not be unfortunate dear.”

A fourth contemplated: “Might need to binge watch gangs of London quick, Twitter spoilers all over the gaff”

While a fifth wrote: “I can’t look at my timeline because I don’t want Gangs of London spoilers because we’re watching the last two episodes tonight this is tragic.”

The comments come after the Gangs of London team revealed some of the secrets behind the intense fight sequences.

Director Gareth Evans said: "Some of the action sequences we've done have been incredibly ambitious."

"We pushed to explore the action in a way that didn't feel compromised."

The show's producers said the action sequences had never been seen in TV before.

Actor Sope Dirisu, 29, plays undercover cop Elliot who is involved in most of the amazing action.

He said: "The fights scene are fantastic, they're really magnificent."

Gareth explained he can pull off such incredible sequences because he shoots action differently to any other director.

He said: "We're being quite specific, there's a number of processes that you go through before you get to set before you even get to day one of a sequence.

"We all got together to imagine what these sequences… we go through every single shot of the choreography and think this is what each piece of the jigsaw, this piece of the action will overlap with that piece of action so we know when the next shot picks up from there."

"It's made to be quite knockabout and enjoyable.

"It's not made to be cruel or to be explicit or exploitative but to drive the audience through and have fun with the action."

Gangs of London follows the story of the Wallace and the aftermath of the murder its leader Finn (Colm Meany) who was the top gangster in London for 20 years.

Nobody knows who ordered the hit, but due to his sudden absence, there is a void that needs filling within the gangster world and international gangs of criminals fight to fill the power vacuum.

In the meantime, Sean tries to maintain the control his family had enjoyed for decades.

Despite all the violence, critics have raved about Gangs of London with NME even suggesting "it could well wind up challenging for the title of best crime drama on British TV."

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