Gemma Collins goes make-up free to show off weight loss in bright summer dress after Arg drug confession – The Sun

GEMMA Collins revealed her make-up free face and showed off her weight loss after boyfriend James Argent's drug confession.

The 39-year-old star distracted herself with another stunning photo opportunity on Instagram as she posed in a bright summer dress.

In the pic, Gemma is standing with her hands  on her hips and flashes a confident smile as she highlighted her three stone weight loss.

The GC, who will be taking over @deliveroo’s Instagram account for a live Q&A on Friday at 1pm, previously said about her healthy: "I’ve been concentrating solely on my health recently and feel so much better because I have had TIME!!!!! Yes TIME !!! to focus on it.

"No eating out and having to cook from scratch. I do have Saturdays off to have whatever I want however use the next 3 weeks wisely, keep a positive mindset try and stick to routine in the week I find it helps."

Last year, Gemma revealed she'd gradually lost over three stone and aimed to lose a further three to bring her down to a size 16.

Last week, The Sun revealed that Arg had suffered two near-fatal overdoses at home due to a crippling cocaine addiction.

Both times, Gemma was the one to call emergency services who kicked his door down and saved his life – with Arg admitting that he fears what could have happened had she not been there to help.

The 32-year-old star also admitted that he "hated" his long-term partner at the height of his addiction, and that she struggled the most out of all of his loved ones.

He said in an emotional appearance on This Morning: "I really feel for Gemma because she has had to go through so much.

"When I was deep in my addiction I would hate her.

"I would say, 'why are you telling my family, why are you telling me friends, why are you tellig the bosses of the TV shows? You're going to ruin my career.'

"But she refused to cover up for me. She refused to lie for me, she would never cover up or enable to continue in my addiction.

"At the time I hated her for that because I almost wanted to get away with it and do what I wanted.

"She gave me some tough love for sure. She was hard on me. Thank god she was because if it wasn't for Gemma calling the ambulances to my house, who knows what could have happened.

After a ten-week stint in rehab, Arg is now five months sober and has also lost five stone.


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