'General Hospital': Here's Why TJ Ashford Is Using Crutches Right Now

Some General Hospital viewers may think that TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow)’s crutches are purely storyline-dictated. However, the reason for the character’s situation extends beyond the fictional city of Port Charles.

TJ Ashford is recovering from a traumatic event

Ashford was tied up in the storyline involving drug trafficker Cyrus Renault. He arrived on the show and had a vendetta against Jordan Ashford TJ’s mother) and Marcus Taggert, who are part of the reason why he is in prison.

He also sought to expand his business in Port Charles, coming in conflict with Sonny. Renault’s revenge attempts included kidnapping Taggert’s daughter, Trina Robinson, and her friend, Cameron Webber.

Ashford ended up getting kidnapped by Renault and was used as leverage with Jordan. The character suffered some injuries and landed in the hospital after he was let go. Now, after the character was released from the hospital, Ashford is now in crutches.

Tajh Bellow was injured in real life

On social media recently, Bellow revealed the real reason why his character is wearing crutches on the show. He actually got injured in real life and the crutches on the show are a result of that.

He posted on Instagram for his first day of physical therapy. The caption reads, “Let’s go! I completely tore my quadricep and haven’t been able to walk since the beginning of February. It has been incredibly challenging. I mean, it really freakin’ sucked. But the journey back to full health is that much closer.”

Because the character was kidnapped, Bellow did not have to be on-screen for several weeks. When the character returned, he was in the hospital and didn’t have to do much walking. And in the most recent scenes on the show, he has been in crutches and Bellow’s real-life injury has been written into the character’s arc.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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