Germanys Eurovision entry slammed by Graham Norton but fans are distracted

Germany’s Eurovision entrant Lord Of The Lost may not have Graham Norton’s approval… but the viewers at home certainly couldn’t stop watching.

Long-standing commentator Norton made no secret that he wasn’t a fan of Blood And Glitter – the country’s heavy metal and glam rock track – flat out saying as such from his voiceover booth.

“Thank you very much, Lord Of The Lost. I just want the nurse to put me back to bed now after that,” Norton declared.

“Isn’t he old enough to know better? I mean I always rail against songs like that, but what do I know? I’m just an aging homosexual in a commentary booth, They always do well those songs, so you never know.”

“Germany might have a good night. I just hope they don’t win,” he continued. “Not because I don’t want them to win, I just don’t want to hear that again.”

But the song was the last thing on fans’ minds, with everyone saying they “couldn’t take their eyes off” the lead singer’s tight PVC outfit that exposed the bulge of his crotch.

The red latex outfit was comprised of a tight red corset and a one-legged pair of trousers, complete with flame-like adornments around the neck.

While the outfit itself was already a statement piece, viewers couldn’t resist commenting on Twitter about their fact that their eyeline was constantly drawn south.

“I was not expecting to be able to see this man’s d**k through his outfit. Cheers for that Germany,” wrote @Hanxx.

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“Does he really need to wear the weirdest costume ever which shows his penis off? Weirdo,” added a severely unimpressed @HJardinio.

“#germany winning the ludicrously tight trouser prize,” said @Mark4exMilitary

While @AshSaunders88 commented: “Surprised he isn’t singing in a higher note looking at how tight that latex is…”

“Germany, babes, might I suggest a dance belt when you’re wearing full latex?” added @tsamsaurusrex.

User @edtownendcdf was just as unimpressed and declared: “This is a FAMILY show Germany! Too much bulge”

Eurovision Song Contest Grand Finale is available on BBC iPlayer.

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