'Gilmore Girls': 3 Times Luke Danes Was a Good Friend to Kirk

LukeDanes and Kirk Gleason may not have appeared to be friends in thetraditional sense, but in a lot of ways, the duo had a more profound connectionthan most residents of StarsHollow. Kirk, at the very least, seemed to trust Luke to come through forhim when he needed him the most. In most cases, Luke managed to do just that.There are three specific moments were Luke was very clearly a really good friendto the town goofball.

Luke helped Kirk find Easter eggs

Luke was never one for the town’s odd traditions. He didn’t take part in the firelight festival, and he found the idea of decorating for holidays ridiculous, but he suspended his beliefs to help out a friend in need more than once. Kirk was often the beneficiary of Luke’s kindness. When Kirk managed to lose dozens of rotting Easter eggs in the town square, he launched a mission to collect them.

As the day wore on, Kirk’s volunteers began to dwindle,leaving him alone in the square, searching for the remaining eggs. When it lookedlike all hope was lost, Luke dropped a baggie full of the rotting eggs in frontof Kirk. Not only was Luke a great friend, but he didn’t even want credit forhelping save the town’s upcoming events.

He was willing to help Kirk through his night terrors

Luke didn’t only help Kirk save face with the town; he alsogot involved in his romantic life, too, however reluctantly. When Kirk askedLuke to help him out at the Dragonfly Inn’s soft opening, Luke wasn’t receptiveat first, but when Kirk explained that he was in love with Lulu and afraid ofscaring her, Luke relented.

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Luke agreed to jump in if Kirk happened to have a nightterror, which did happen. Luke went the extra mile, though, and led a nakedKirk back to theDragonfly where he could be cared for. Sure, it wasn’t exactly what Lukewanted to be doing at the moment, but he did it anyway—proving, once again,that Luke as an excellent friend to Kirk.

Luke pushed Kirk into becoming an adult

Luke didn’t just help Kirk when things went wrong; he also triedto steer him in the right direction when things seemed calm. Luke evensuggested that Kirk needed to move his life forward by moving out of his mother’shouse. Kirkeventually took the advice, although the end result wasn’t exactly great.

Luke’s heart, in the end, always seemed to be in the rightplace, and that’s what fans really love about the grumpy diner owner, afterall. Whether he was helping Kirk out or saving the day for Lorelai,Luke was always there to help, even if he didn’t always do so happily.

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