Good Morning Blake Moynes Shaved His Beard for the First Time in 10 Years

Hello Bachelor Nation, Blake Moynes, man who literally won’t stop appearing on The Bachelorette, just shaved his face. And while “Perpetual Reality Contestant Shaves Face” wouldn’t normally be newsworthy, Blake has been sporting his signature beard for a full decade. Like, we have quite literally never seen this man without hair on his face. Until now, of course! “I did a thing,” Blake captioned his reveal. “10 years, 10. Yes?… no? I don’t know…”

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QUITE LITERALLY WHO IS HE?! Just in case you don’t recognize this man, here is a reminder of what Blake used to look like.

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Love this for him, and in other Blake news it looks like he’s ready to date again after splitting with Bachelorette Katie Thurston. “I think, in some weird way, [my breakup] hurt me in a sense where I’m finding the more that I fail, the more things that I find that I know I don’t want in a relationship,” Blake told Us Weekly. “I think I have more understanding of exactly what I want [and] I think [that] has made me more picky, but the right person will come along and I’ll know what it is because I’ve failed so many times now.”

Turns out Blake has “long list” of qualities he wants in a partner, but isn’t in a rush: “It would take a lot for someone to come in and be able to raise that bar. I’m so happy where I am that I just feel, like, I don’t want somebody who could possibly take that down.”

Cool cool cool. Anyone else think he’s going to be the next Bachelor based on these comments?

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